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🔗 posted 2020-11-21

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  • Set this spot up
    • Infrastructure
      • Google Domains
      • Google Cloud Storage
      • Cloudflare
    • Deployment
      • Makefile
      • trash static site generator I wrote in Scala to practice Scala.
      • gsutil rsync -d -r <local> <remote>
    • Other Notes
      • Everything static is real nice, but I wish I had some more control over routing. For example, I’d like to serve the index.html without redirecting. I can probably do that with CloudFlare page rules, but then I gotta get on a paid plan.
        • Looks like page rules wouldn’t actually do me any good, they are too expensive—it’s basically $1/rule, probably because they are expensive to compute efficiently.
      • Right now I’m purging the entire cache when I deploy. That’s fine for now because there’s basically nothing here, but it’s definitely wasteful. It would be good to figure out only what changed and just purge that. Theoretically I can get that from the gsutil rsync output?