procs is a neat ps replacement

🔗 posted 2022-10-08

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I do a lotta dumb things with computers so I need to kill processes a lot. I’m pretty lazy so I usually pkill java or node or whatever, but this is annoying when I break language servers and other things using the same runtime.

I’d rather kill exactly the process I need to but I can never remember how to use ps to do what I want—it’s not consistent between linux and macOS, and now I’m using nushell and that has it’s own, different ps.

procs is a replacement for ps and I can remember the options for it much easier: procs --sortd tty shows me all the proceses sorted in descending order by what TTY they are attached to. It opens in a pager by default so I can page around and find what I’m looking for.

btm is another tool that lets me see processes except it’s a top replacement (and more). I can kill processes directly from btm, but it’s not as easy for me to find the process I’m trying to kill since I can’t sort by TTY.

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