portrayal of guilt @ saint vitus november 2023

🔗 posted 2024-01-20

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when I was looking for music videos to add to my /music page I found this great channel of live shows from Saint Vitus. I wanted to start posting videos of live shows here anyway, so might as well start with one I was at!

if you want the full experience, there’s videos of the openers, Lathe of Heaven1 and True Body. I enjoyed True Body a lot! I bought their latest album Temple of Song after the show.

portrayal of guilt’s drummer is so good, he’s got some of most interesting playing in hardcore right now. I got there early so I could stand right up front and watch his playing, but that’s the danger zone—that guy who jumped at the start of the second song kicked me right in the fuckin head.

after that song finishes there’s a cut in the video, the two guys behind me started fist fighting and spilled onto the stage (taking me with them) and the singer had to tell ‘em to knock it the fuck off. after that I moved to a different spot which is fortunate for you because my fuzzy head isn’t blocking the guitar in the rest of the shots.

I can’t wait to see them again.

Lathe of Heaven
True Body
portrayal of guilt


  1. Possession
  2. One Last Taste of Heaven
  3. The Sixth Circle
  4. Burning Hand
  5. Where Angels Come to Die
  6. devil music
  7. Bed of Ash
  8. …where the suffering never ends
  9. Fall from Grace
  10. Sacrificial Rite
  11. Sadist
  12. The Crucifixion


  1. google photos hates their drummer