pg.99 @ saint vitus august 2023

🔗 posted 2024-01-21

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thanks to my friend Rachel for being on the waitlist and getting tickets! I didn’t get to see them during their original run 25 years ago or any of the previous reunions, glad to catch them this time.

love they crammed 9 performers on the stage, and great work sound engineer getting this many instruments sounding anywhere near coherent.

pretty sure I recognized an old coworker from like 6 years ago, but by the time I was like “yeah that’s definitely him” too much time passed and I felt awkward. hi Tommi, sorry I didn’t say anything!

also rad to see Thom/Planning For Burial at the show, sorry I kept getting slammed into you.

middle of August, this show was hot, the room was sweaty. always feels just a little extra gross when glasses are fogged up from sweat vapor ♨️


  1. In Love With an Apparition
  2. Your Face
  3. More Complicated Than a Sci-Fi Flick
  4. Punk Rock in the Wrong Hands
  5. Faces Sunken By Letting Go
  6. Living in the Skeleton of a Happy Memory
  7. Ruiner of Life
  8. Richmond is a Hole
  9. We Left as Skeletons
  10. Tantrum
  11. The Hollowed Out Chest of a Dead Horse
  12. The Longer Now
  13. By the Fireplace in White